The Best Guide on What To Feed Dogs


Dogs are adorable pets that a big number of people keep in their homes.They make a wonderful company in homes.Dogs just like any other human being require being fed.Their close proximity to humans makes their feeding habits to follow the routine of the humans.More often as individuals enjoy their meal in the presence of dogs they tend to give their owners that look of sympathy, that sees them share whatever they are taking with the dog.Healthy feeding for every living organism is emphasized and the dogs are no exemption.It is therefore very important as a dog owner to be well-informed on what to feed their dog.Different foods have varying effects on the dogs.Some are healthy while others have fatal consequences to the dog.Not all foods that are consumed by humans can be taken by the dogs.The following are some examples of foods that dogs can eat and those that they cannot.


Almonds are a good example of a fruit that you should not feed your dog.Almonds can cause the esophagus to block.It can also tear the windpipe of the dog, just in case they are not properly chewed.Dogs are not able to digest almonds and they may cause distress in the gut.They are also rich in fat and therefore are not healthy for the heart of the dog.


Chocolate is also a big no to the dogs.Chocolate is made of toxic elements that halt the process of metabolism.Dark chocolates make the dog suffer severe vomiting and diarrhea.If the dog consumes chocolate in high quantities may cause heart failure or even death.Dog owners are therefore advised to keep chocolate out of reach from the dogs. Know the safe food for dogs to eat here!


Dog owners should avoid giving dogs cinnamon.Cinnamon contains oils which cause irritation inside the mouth of the dog.Cinnamon can lead to liver diseases.If inhaled it can cause choking, breathing problems and coughing


Coconuts are very important fruits that individuals should consider to give their pets.Coconut fruits increase the resistance of the dog to diseases.Constant feeding of the dog with coconuts clears out skin conditions and flea allergies. For additional facts and information about Dogs, you can go to


Well, cooked eggs are also another appetizing meal for the dog.They are a rich source of proteins.They can also relieve stomach pains in the dogs.Fish provides amino acids and fatty acids.They all boost the health of a dog.


Individuals should also constantly feed the dog with honey. Honey is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and essential antioxidants.Honey is not only endowed with nutritional benefits but also curative benefits.Honey is applied on cuts or burns on the skin of the dog.It also boosts the immunity of the dog.


It is important for an individual to have a well-planned feeding program for their dog as anything fed to them is crucial for their healthy lifestyle, visit here!

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